Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Inside the Flying Cat household

After many weeks of pondering a blog name, I decided on Flying Cats in honor of the three brave (though disgruntled) cats that flew from Seattle to Long Beach for our relocation. They whined and cried like they were being tortured the entire time. I could hear them on the tarmac as I got off the plane as well. However, they are now comfortably settled into our new home in Long Beach.
Fuego (Calico) and Osa snuggling on their perch on the dresser.
George, my cuddly study buddy and all around mama's boy. Helps me procrastinate by sitting on my books.
Osa has a need to find 'hidey places'. Here she is in our luggage. She burrows in blankets, clean laundry (never dirty, for some reason), and the linen closet. Dr. Love thinks thats cute...
Osa and Dr. Love snuggling. He's a softy, but then, she's never going to ask to borrow the car.
Coming soon: Picts of the new house and neighborhood!

1 comment:

Mrs. Taft said...

Hahaha...your cats are awesome. Poor babies, I bet they are glad to be on solid ground and getting used to the neighborhood. :D