Sunday, February 10, 2008

George, el gato, el unico unico gato!

Today is all about George, the cat. George is a very special kitty, as he has been the most expensive so far as he has been to the vet the most!

He is very charming all the time, except for when he's not. He is very snuggly, and somehow manages to get me off my pillow in the middle of the night, where he takes over. He likes to jump from the dresser right onto Victor's tummy in the middle of the night, which causes lots of excitement.
He is very sweet and loves to play with the nieces and nephews. I love his mellow tempermant and how laid back he is, except when he's tormenting Feugo.

He torments Fuego, and will chase her out of wherever she is sleeping so he can rest there. It doesn't matter there are a dozen other comfortable kitty places in the house.

One of his favorite things is earplugs. I keep them in my nightstand, and every night he stalks me. He waits under the bed for me to open the drawer, and then tries to get his paws in the drawer to snag a plug. He goes into a wide-eyed frenzy when he sees one. I used to let him play with them, as he would pounce, bat them around, and carry them triumphantly through the house. Really cute, until I started seeing them in, ahem, the litter box. So, no more earplugs for George as they plug up his plumbing....
Here he his stretched out in front of the radiator. I think he's part gumby!


Mrs. Taft said...

That video was HILARIOUS. "Go George, go!!!" hahaha! He sure is a cute cat :)

Stacy O said...

That is too funny! Sydney loved the video. I actually completely missed this post before, weird. And is that sunshine shining through your window? Jealous.