Wednesday, February 13, 2008

But he LIKES it!

What can I say? He likes to play rough! If you listen closely, you can hear him purrrrrring.

A rare moment when Feugo and George are cuddling, and he's not tormenting her. True to their cat nature, they sleep about 18 hours a day, and get super active around V's bedtime. Now that we're in the smaller condo, a little bit of noise and rowdiness goes a long way!
Ok, one more of George just being, well, George. Such a ham! He's such a friendly, good natured, loving cat. I promise to practice more with the camera with lighting!


Stacy O said...

Only a cat named after George W. Bush would act like that....

FlyingCats said...

Except he wasn't named after GW, you commie liberal! :-) He was named after George the Bear, my oldest and dearest stuffed toy, who is older than you, missy. So, show some respect for your