Thursday, February 7, 2008

In one week...

One week from today, two fabulous kids, Scout and MiniDoug, will go on their first airplane ride and visit their Aunt Kate and Uncle V. Oh, their parents are coming too... We'll being going to Disneyland, and having all kinds of wonderful adventures. I can't wait, and I know the kids are even more excited than me!
Here is a picture from our final sleepover in the old house, right before Christmas. There isn't any snow in Long Beach, but there is plenty of sand!MadMary gets to visit in March all by herself during spring break. Uncle V. and I are very very excited.
Here are some good friends with their awesome 2 year old, Maddie. They are buried in some snow in Chicago now, and I'm sure they are loving it! :-)

Garden from the old house. We'll get a summer garden planted down here soon in our little patch of yard.

Dr. Love playing baseball for the first time. He's got game!
Grandma K, MFA (Most Favorite Aunt), MiniDoug, and Scout on the porch last Easter.
MiniDoug showing Dr. Love how it's done.


Mrs. Taft said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

Wehunthouse said...

Man I sure wish we were going.. I am soooo tired of the snow and cold. Maybe May the parents are taliking about going to So-Cal so maybe I'll meet up with them and hit the home of Mickey Mouse. I know Maddy would dig it. :)