Monday, February 11, 2008

5 things..

Here is my '5 things' list that Stacy keeps nagging me for...

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. Working at WaMu as a Customer Service Manager
2. Living in a great apartment in Edmonds on Bowdoin with Cyrus the Cat
3. Driving around in a red Geo Tracker convertible. Loved that car!
4. Hanging out with the Acheson clan for Tuesday craft nights, boggle, and PIT! I’ve lost contact with most of them now. Funny how that happens.
5. Wondering if my prince charming would ever come along
How I looked 5 years ago...a bit chunkier than

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago:

1. Working at WaMu as a Customer Service Manager
2. Bought a condo by myself.
3. Enjoying life as an Aunt to some fabulous nieces and nephews.
4. Waiting for the final installment of the Lord of Rings. (I’m a closet nerd).
5. Still waiting for my prince charming to come along…
How I look today...amazing what dropping 100 lbs can do for your life!

5 Things I did today:

1. Kissed my prince charming as he went off to work.
2. Read the news/blogs
3. Did dishes/tidied up
4. Studied
5. Moved some bookcases around

5 products I can't live without:

1. My Senseo coffee maker
2. My books
3. My coffee maker
4. My comfy bed
5. Comfy shoes (my crocs-celeste)

5 Things I would do if I won a billion dollars:

1. Set up immediate family financially for life (houses, retirement, tuition)
2. Start and administrate a non-prof organization fighting for the rights of all women, both born and unborn, based on conservative values
3. Invest capital in developing countries that see the value in free market capitalism. So far, the acquisition of wealth is the only proven cure for poverty.
4. Buy my own coffee plantation and be set for life
5. Finally get those tattoos removed

5 places I have lived:

1. Seattle
2. Stanwood, WA
3. Shoreline, WA
4. Lynden, WA
5. Long Beach, CA

5 jobs I have had:

1. Pizza maker
2. Fry Dropper
3. Student Body Assoc. Treasurer
4. Telephone Banker/Manager/Business Analyst/Vice President
5. Graduate student

5 things you may or may not know about me:

1. I have 8 bookcases in my house, and may need more soon
2. I’ve only had one speeding ticket my entire life (TW was there!)
3. I love to procrastinate and love the creative juices that flow under pressure
4. I don’t really have any tattoos
5. I love Peruvian food


Mrs. Taft said...

I guess the real question is, would you obtain a tattoo so that you could complete your list if you won a billion dollars?

Stacy O said...

Oh now, I only nag my husband, haha. the tattoo thing made me laugh, unless you could do a big W for bush on your ankle or something.

tracywainwright said...
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Wehunthouse said...

Ahh the speeding ticket. Good Times. Getting stuck in the sand was way better. oh really wasn't. :)