Monday, August 11, 2008

3 pounds! And 11 weeks left!

I'm now 29 weeks along, with 11 to go. Baby Annika (pronounced like 'Monica' without the 'm' for those who wondered) is now 3 lbs, and doing amazing acrobats in my belly. I can feel her kick/punch on both sides at the same time. I cannot wait to meet her! I hope she has my sister's tempermant, however my mom has cursed this poor baby with the wish that I get a daughter just. Like. Me. My husband claims that is totally unfair, as he was a good, respectful child growing Poor Victor.

Hmm...11 weeks ago I was on a trip to visit family and friends in Seattle/Chicago. It seemed like it just happened, the time has flown so quickly. So 11 weeks isn't really that long of a time to go when I put it into perspective!

I've slowly come to the realization (slow learner, sometimes) that the best way to meet new people down here is to..go out and meet new people. No one is going to come and randomly knock on my door and ask if I want to come out and play (although that did happen in Lynden with my super cool neighbor Melissa, who I miss). So, I have struck out of the condo-cave and here is what has happened!

  • I dropped into a ministry in north Long Beach that serves women with crisis pregnancies. They have free counseling, a maternity home, post-maternity low income housing for mom's and their babies, as well as a thrift store, and basic life-skills training for these women on the fringe of our culture. I start helping them this week! I've always supported Pro-life ministries with my $$$, and now it's time to get into the trenches and start helping in practical ways. I am very excited, as I've wanted to do this for a very, very long time!
  • I went to a S.C. Lewis Society meeting on Saturday. I'm a huge Lewis fan, not only for his fiction but his practical and love-imbued apologetics as well. It was humbling and stimulating to be the dumbest person in the room! :-) Met some new people there that are all in the area, and it's wonderful to find Christian intellectuals who are all in academia. It was certainly a stimulating day!
  • I've been in email contact with a local M.O.P.S. coordinator, who invited me to her church yesterday. It was a really great service! The worship was awesome, and I think Victor will even feel comfortable there too. I'm meeting some ladies for coffee tonight as well from this group.
  • I was at the grocery store yesterday enjoying the air-conditioning and, well, shopping too! I recognized a couple from the marathon childbirth class we went to last week. There wasn't much social time during the class, so no one really connected. However, I stopped her and we stood and yapped for about 20 minutes. We traded phone #'s, and she's inviting me to her baby shower next month. We're also going to hang out later in the week for a movie or coffee. Her name is Elizabeth, and this is her 2nd child (also due in October!) and her oldest is 17. Her husband also seems really sweet.
I'm starting to not feel so isolated down here, which is good timing now that I'm not allowed to fly.

I'm also thankful to the Lord for answering my prayers and bringing women and potential friends into my life when I need them. I know I have love and support with all my family and friends at home (and Chicago!!!!), but it's not the same when you can't BE with them, you know?

Anyway, this is turning into a long post. Sorry, no pictures as V has the camera at work. Oh, can you please pray for him too? He's working non-stop during the refinery turn-around and won't have any days off until September. And then a 2nd turnaround in Sept, and a month-long one in October, in time for the baby. Talk about timing! Please pray for his energy level, and that he gets time to rest during this crazy season of our lives!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Insomnia and other random musings

Ok, it has been hot down here, and I think I feel it more thanks to the little person I'm carrying around. After losing 100 lbs, I couldn't stay warm to save my life, and even last summer I was wearing sweaters mid-day in the summer. Not so much this summer. The mall is great to escape the heat. There is air conditioning, Starbucks, bookstores, and lots of benches. There is also ample opportunity to spend money on stuff I didn't even know I

I'm especially loving the middle of the night 'I HAVE TO GO --NOW' urges, that result in a 'tink-tink': nothing that indicated the previous seriousness of the 'urge'. But that must be the baby sitting/punching/kicking/whatever to the bladder, right?

That is usually when the insomnia kicks in. Tossing, trying to find a comfortable position, trying to stay cool, not wake the hubby, not arouse the cats (who now think 'Mom's awake - PLAY TIME!') -- all part of the 2:30-5:00 AM sojourn.

Good news. I have officially entered my 3rd trimester. Had a doc appointment yesterday, and everything is textbook perfect. Now, I get to go in every two weeks. I love hearing the heartbeat!

Also, I have finally connected with a M.O.P.S. group down here. It's more than MOPS, it's also a women's group for moms with kids of all ages. It took awhile to get connected, between slower summer schedules, vacations, etc. I'm meeting the leader at her church this Sunday (which looks really great, BTW) and having coffee with more ladies Monday evening from the same group/church. It will be nice to worship again!

I have to get connected or I am going to lose it! :-)

Additionally, I'm going to volunteer for some local campaigns this fall as well. It's also a good way to meet some like-minded people. I went to a campaign rally for a local congressional candidate last week and met a really nice couple who live in the next town over.

So, slowly, I'm starting to get plugged into the community.

Here are some random pictures -- nothing that really relates to the post.
Lighthouse off the Navy Pier in Chicago. Looking at this picture cools me down about 10 degrees...doesn't it look refreshing?
A-Rob getting made up as a clown for a school play. What a ham.
Sigh. Clean blanket (thanks Traci!) right out of the laundry. The tres gatos were on it ASAP. Feugo, the calico, follows me as a bring clean loads of laundry into the bedroom to fold. As soon as I dump the basket onto the bed, she tries to nest, or find a comfy spot on the pile. I fold ASAP, but on those rare occasions if I leave the room for a moment, I come back to find her perched and snug as a bug. Punk cats.