Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome Annika Joy

Please join Victor and me in welcoming Annika Joy to the world and our family. She made her grand entrance on her due date, 10/28 at 6:40 AM. She was 8lbs, 4 oz, and 20.5 inches long. What an amazing thing to hold such a new little person in my arms!
Labor was very long (2.5 days) but despite intense pain and contractions 2-3 minutes apart, I was sent home Sunday night due to not being dilated enough. Finally, they let me in Monday night and the epidural kicked in around 11 PM. Sheer bliss.
Would you guess I hadn't slept in three days here? Isn't she cute!?!

The birth center was awesome, however...the 'recovery' wing was a nightmare. Shared rooms, broken air conditioner. I requested to go home immediately. And they said no. However, I did get my way the following morning after doctors cleared us to leave. For a place that didn't want to let me in, they were sure upset I was leaving before the appointed time. I just wanted to get my baby home where I knew it would be quiet, and we could care for her without hourly interference. Not to mention I wasn't able to sleep in the hospital (only got about 3 hours!) given all the interruptions due to a shared room. They were really frustrated I wanted to leave -- like I was a kook or something, but the conditions were substandard. Oh well....we're home now, with a perfectly healthy baby!Grandma holding Annika. My mom flew down on Monday and she has been such a blessing! She'll be here through most of next week. My sister is coming down the end of next week for a visit too.
She's already a daddy's girl. She turns her head to his voice when he speaks. Annika is a very snuggly little girl and loves to cuddle.

Here she is again with her favorite daddy!

Her first trip to a Peruvian resturant for lunch. OK - before anyone yells at me for taking a 2 day old out, you're right. She did great, but I realized we need to spend time at home. There will be plenty of time for adventures later. Also, I think the childbirth adrenaline wore off sometime during lunch and I hit the wall. Time to go home and rest for a week or so.

Sleepy girl!


Wehunthouse said...

She is beautiful! I actually think she looks a bit like Sonya especially in the first two pictures. I am glad you are home and comfortable, I hope you are able to sleep now too.
Take care and let me know if you need anything!

Mrs. Taft said...

She is gorgeous! Weeee!!!!! I'm so excited. Welcome baby!

R. M. Sivulka said...

Awesome! Very happy for you guys!

Stacy O said...

What a beautiful little girl, and such a pretty mommy! You look great for not getting any sleep. I can't wait to meet baby Annika, she looks perfect!!!

Grandparents Blog said...

Congratulations! Annika is beautiful and you and Victor seem to have taken to parenthood. Enjoy your precious bundle, there is nothing like it.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful you guys....que bonita!! I can't wait to see all the blog photos....and there will be many! Congratulations! Enjoy!

Erin and Family

Jessica Zevely said...

I'm so absolutely in love with her!!! I'm so happy for you and Victor, Kate!!! I'm so jealous! She's just gorgeous, and chubby..she's perfect! You don't hear about 8lb babies being born anymore these days...although Georgia had a 9lb baby...but seriously, she's so cute, I cannot wait to see her in person! She looks like a little girl..not like a new born. I just love her :) I hope she likes her Tia Jess :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kate & Victor!
She's absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see more pics!

Tracy, Barb, & "your CCC peeps"

Davene said...

Congratulations!!! How wonderful! She is beautiful already, and look at all that hair she has! :)

When I gave birth to our second son (it happened to be in Israel), I had the kind of after-birth please-just-let-me-go-home kind of experience that you describe. Isn't it great to finally get out? :)

I hope the transition to parenthood goes smoothly for you all. Enjoy these once-in-a-lifetime days! :)