Friday, November 28, 2008

The Faker-Waker-Upper

How many times have you heard a parent say "My child is perfect..when they are asleep!" I can honestly say our child is perfect when AWAKE. She is a very sweet, easygoing baby.

However-- when she sleeping is a different matter entirely. She is the noisiest sleeper I've ever met. She is only 4 weeks old and talks in her sleep, very loudly too, I might add. I will hear her stirring and chattering, lean over to pick her up out of the bassinette, and...she's sound asleep. She must be one of those vivid dreamers, but what can she be possibly dreaming about? Milk? Walks to Starbucks? Clean diapers? She does this to me several times a night, and it is certainly adding to my sleep woes.

I'm still a new enough mom that I'm on hyper-alert with every little sound she makes, and not willing to put her in her own room yet. Slowly, I'm beginning to hear the difference between her 'sleeping' sounds and the 'Mom, I'm REALLY awake now - feed me' sounds. I still wake up, but am able to go back to sleep once I determine she's still sleeping.

Annika and I went for a little walk the other day in our new BabyTrekker (much more comfy than the Baby Bjorn!) the morning after it rained. It finally felt like fall! Wet, puddles, and leaves on the ground. She likes our little walks, and so far is getting to know our local Starbucks really well. I'm corrupting her behind Victor's back.

Sorry, no pictures today -- having some camera issues that will be solved shortly. Victor is off today and we're catching up on some chores we've put off over the last few weeks. Avoiding the malls!!!! May hit the bookstore later.

Has anyone read the 'Twilight' vampire books? Are they worth the read? Let me know...


Anonymous said...

I haven't read the Twilight books yet, but there's another one I think you would enjoy. It's not about vampires but about a young woman who somehow lands into another world very similar to Earth but set in the time zone of our 14th or 15th centuries. It's titled...'The Far Side of NIght'. I highly recommend it.
Love Mom

Stacy O said...

How funny that Annika is so active in her sleep! Eventually you'll just sleep through those and only wake to the real sounds. Can't wait to see more pictures! She's 1 month old now right??

Haven't read them. Heard the books are good, but I'm just not ready to jump on the bandwagon yet.

Mrs. Taft said...

Don't worry about putting her in her own room right now--being next to her parents lowers her SIDS risk significantly. :D

The art of sleeping through "I'm not really awake I'm just sighing and pooping in my sleep" will come with time. I turned into the worlds LIGHTEST SLEEPER EVER after Arianna was born, and it took awhile to get used to what noises mean "GET UP" and which don't. :) But eventually I learned it, and was sleeping well. Don't worry :D

Shanny said...

Kate, she is absolutely reading about you being a Mom..., makes me smile! Can't wait to see you and Annika in person!!! Twilight is worth the read!! I would wait until you are ready to be absorbed..