Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preggy pics and false alarms

So here I am in all my pregnant glory. Somehow, George made it into the picture without either of us realizing he had snuck up to the bookcase. What a ham. Not such a flattering picture, but there you have it for everyone who has been demanding one :-)

Yesterday may have been the most frustrating and emotional days of this 9 month adventure so far. After tracking 18 hours of consistent and progressive contractions, we went in to the hospital only to be sent home after 3 hours. There was nothing to show for it at all - minimal effacement, ZERO dialation. A bit disappointing, to be sure. They could see the contractions on the monitor, but they just aren't up to snuff yet.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at home resting (we both crashed!) and had a quiet evening at home. The contractions have subsided to about 3 an hour, and Annika is a crazy active baby. She is moving all the time. Cannot. Wait. To. Meet. Her.

Today - just waiting. Cleaning, keeping up on the laundry, making to-do lists. It is flippin' off the map hot today (96!) and too hot to go walking around the neighborhood. When Victor gets home from work, we hope to get to the mall (hurray air-conditioning!) and get some walking in. The contractions pick up when I'm walking around, so hopefully that will get things moving. I'm also not so emotional for some reason. We're chalking yesterday up as a dry run, and now know the drill when we get to the hospital (i.e. - cash ONLY for parking!!!).

Also, I'm excited for my mom to come down after the baby is born. It will be great to have her help and company, and I know she's excited to meet the newest grandbaby. She's a really popular grandma! My sister is planning to come down after Victor goes back to work for a few days. I'm so thrilled to see both of them.

The Cats

The cats have been acting very strange the last few weeks. Well, stranger than they normally are. They are very clingy and it seems that one of them (or sometimes two) have to be ON me - my lap, my legs, or plopped on my feet. This really doesn't fly in this heat, though. I'm sure they know 'something' is up. Here is a picture of Osa snuggling against my belly and George hanging out behind me.

We predict the Osa will be the most involved cat - she will be the one to express an opinion about my mothering skills and let me know when I'm not doing something right. George - the mama's boy, we think will be very jealous. Victor plans to give him extra attention the first few weeks. Fuego -- she's so aloof to begin with that I don't think she'll care as long as she gets her daily rub down from me.

We've set up 'Cat H20' spray bottles strategically around the house to begin letting them know there are places they don't belong, such as the bassinette (huge temptation right now - they've all three been liberally sprayed). I can see the appeal for the cats - all the cosy flannel and fleece bedding and blankets just call out to them.

Anyway -- probably the last post until we get home with Annika. If you want to make some birthday predictions - go for it! Victor keeps teasing about November 2 (his mom's b-day) and I threaten him with some form of Sooner than later, please please please!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!


Mom said...

thanks for the up-date and the pictures. Tell Annika to hurry up, I can hardly wait to fly to California to see her..oh and you and Victor too of course. Love, 'the most popular grandma.'

Stacy O said...

Yeahh! You finally updated. I've been thinking of you! I was almost betting money it was happening today. I am sure it is going to be very soon. I am so excited for you! Please call if you have any questions or need anything. Big hugs, and come on baby Annika!!!