Sunday, November 23, 2008

The sweetest days

First, I really miss a full night's sleep, but I wouldn't trade these days for the world. Those quiet 3 AM hours after she has been fed, changed, is drowsy and Annika just simply wants to be held and snuggle. Who needs sleep? These are truly the sweetest of times. I'm in no hurry to hurry through these days. I'm learning, for probably the first time in my life, to savor and live in this moment. No planning ahead to the next event, no schedules to keep. Just. Enjoying. Now.

We've been venturing out on small trips. It's been strange trying to coordinate not only me but another person for something as simple as grocery shopping. I put Annika in charge of the list Wednesday, but she fell asleep and I almost forgot to buy stamps. Silly girl.

We took our first walk in the 'hood also this week. We went to Starbucks, and then Chipotle. We saw an adorable 4 month old little boy at one bus stop we passed. On the way home, we passed another bus stop with a bunch of nice kids with special needs. They were all interested in looking at the baby, and commented on how pretty she is. A good day was had by all!

Here are some pictures from this last week:

Aunt Carolyn was here!!!!
Carolyn is the best sister in the world. She gave up a week away from her own family to help us out. Victor had to work graveyard last week during a turnaround, and having Carolyn here saved my sanity. She took a couple late shifts herself, which allowed me to get six fill hours of sleep a couple nights in a row. I laugh in the face of sleep!!! Until I cry when I don't get
You know how there are certain phrases for an action, like a football 'Hail Mary', or a submarine 'Crazy Ivan'? Well, now we can add an 'Aunt Carolyn' to the lexicon. So, here is Carolyn, the seasoned mommy professional. She got nailed during diaper changes twice! 1st time was a simple little stream. However, the second was epic. Almost Homeric. Carolyn had just removed the diaper, and said 'I bet you're not done yet' when KA-POW! The sound effect was amazing, but not nearly as astounding as the visual. All over her hand, up her shirt, nailed her shorts, the couch pillow. Explosive. I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. So far, she has 'Aunt Carolyned' Victor, but I've been spared, for now.
Really, though. She loves being Annika's favorite Aunt Carolyn. What a joy to have her here during this time. Thanks, AGAIN! to Scout and A-rob for loaning us their mommy!

A house divided!
My poor, sweet, baby girl. Victor went to that other school, the Huskies rivals, and I went to the UW. The Huskies lost the (cr)Apple Cup yesterday. So, she must suffer all sorts of indignities today as evidenced below:
Please, Mommy, do I have to????
I'm still cute in these scrappy rags!!!!
Ah, I'll just sleep it off. Mommy will change me when I wake up.

Until next week!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! In the first picture where she's wearing the cougar shirt, she looks just like her Daddy. She has changed so much since I last saw her two weeks ago, I can hardly wait until until all of you are here for Christmas. Love Mom and Grandma A.

Stacy O said...

First of all, BOO COUGARS!

Secondly, these really are the sweetest days. They go by way too quickly so I am glad to see you are enjoying them. They are special bonding times for sure.

Annika is such a pretty little girl! And that first picture of you and Carolyn-Sonya looks just like you in that picture, wow!

So nice that your mom and sis were able to come down.