Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Six weeks!

Gazing at daddy.

We made it to six weeks, today, without losing, dropping, or damaging the baby in any way. We, in our zombie-sleep-deprived-stupor, feel pretty accomplished about that!

Seriously, it has flown by and we are having the time of our lives, despite the zombie-sleep-deprived-stupor part. We've worked out a pretty good system (thanks to Stacy O's suggestion!) where Victor gets home from work and I go to bed to catch 4-5 solid hours of ZZZZs. I take over at midnight when I'm on baby duty for the duration. I only can lightly doze during this time as every little sound she makes has me on alert. Ah, the joy of a new mom! :-)

I CANNOT, seriously, cannot believe how big she is getting. She has blown past the Gerber 3 month clothes, and starting to push the seams of the Carter's 3 months (which are a lot roomier). I am putting her in 6 month sleepers now, and they FIT! Good grief. The other day - true story - I laid her down to change her, looked away, and when I looked back a second later, she was bigger. I kid you not. Just like that.

Last week I went to a MeetUp group of moms. Nine moms/babies were there, and Annika was the youngest by 2 days. All were under 1. Looking at a three, 6, and 9 month old had me floored in the sense of seeing how much bigger and different they were. I'm in awe of how much she is going to change in the coming months.

Even the last few days she has changed up on us. She is learning to have opinions and be vocal about them. No idea where that comes from! Most notably, we have been placing her on the boppy on the couch when she's awake and hanging out with us in the living room. No more. I can't even lay her in it for a moment. She yells at me "What are you doing, Mom!" She wants her new rocker where she is much more upright and has her new toys to look at. She has pulled this on me twice now.

Even in the new rocker she is changing! There are some brightly colored dangling toys that she is mesmerized with! They are a dog (named Campo), and kitty (Cyrus) and a baby chick rattle (Pio Pio). While looking at them, she kicks, waves her arms, and talks to them. Very adorable. And because she is moving, it makes the chair rock. It is definitely more stimulating than the boppy. She also has a small orange monkey (Tio Mono) that she likes to stare at as well.

We are learning her little cues, such as the difference between the hungry fuss, and the need-to-burp fuss. She is training us well.

She is smiling too!!!! I haven't yet been able to get a picture of one yet, but working on it! And she loves music, and when I sing to her.

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks. Due to some camera issues, I don't have too many.
This is George, sleeping, curled around a cloth ducky-sponge for Annika's bath. Looks like it's a cat toy now!

Osa took over the boppy. She sat in it ALL DAY, and every time I looked at her, she changed positions to something 'more comfortable'. (The beautiful blankie was made by Aunt Traci in Chicago!)

"Osa! Move!"
"NO, I was here first!" (Beginning of 'sibling' rivlary?)

Rad hair day, chillin' on mama's lap.

"High five, mama!" (Her first Thanksgiving!)

Not enough memory for video, but in this picture she is chattering away at the baby chick rattle.

Looking content in her new preferred seating arrangement.

Dozing in the new rocker. It also vibrates, so she can get a massage while she sleeps.


Wehunthouse said...

Man I can't believe how much she has changed, and how big she is! I remember the days that it seemed Maddy grew while napping (actually it still happens overnight, I swear she she gets bigger)

Mrs. Taft said...

gosh, she's really changed! She's so beautiful (that part didn't change). Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

Stacy O said...

Oh my gosh, she doesn't look like a newborn anymore! She is adorable.