Sunday, January 11, 2009

Smooth move, mom!

It's a sunny, beautiful Sunday here in SoCal. It's supposed to be 80 today, and I'm breaking out the fans I put into storage last month. The only fly in the ointment is that daddy was once again called into work. :-( We decided to make the best of it! We packed up in the babytrekker for our daily walk to Starbucks. Today, I put Annika facing forward for the 1st time so she could better enjoy the view. I thought it would be cute to get a picture of us!
As you can see, not a good shot. The carrier is a bit too big for her.

Trying unsuccessfully to get both of us in the frame......and this is when I dropped the camera on poor Annika's head while fiddling with the dang thing. Bad mom! First time I've made her cry. Ouch.
Here's a cute picture from last night's bath time. She loves her baths, but is outgrowing the baby tub. Maybe time to move to the big tub! The ducky towel was a gift from G-Ma K!

And her is some video of her conversating while fighting falling asleep. She's been doing this the past week -- tired, needing a nap, and fighting it. Notice she tries to smile? She 'fusses' about 5 minutes like this, shakes her head back and forth, and then just nods off.



Wehunthouse said...

80? Really?! It's supposed to be 1 her tomorrow. Oh well at least I don't have 72 inches of snow. I love the pics. Have fun in the sun - remember sunscreen. :o)

Anonymous said...

She is so cute. Miss all of you. Love Mom

Misty said...

Mia once again wanted all the pictures to talk but was glad to see the bottom one did. Trade you weather any day...

Heather Benza said...

This is hilarious! I didn't bean my baby with a camera but it reminds me of our first outing when I wanted to do a diaper check before going in the store. I hoisted him up to sniff (gross i know) and totally smashed his head into the roof of the car. My husband was glad i was the first to practically kill him--it made me at least attempt to conceal my harsh judgment any time he did some baby care "wrong"!!