Sunday, January 25, 2009

Annika explains it all....

Annika is a very demanding, but pleasant baby. She has to be in the middle of what we're doing, and doesn't want to miss out on the action in our household. She has increasingly grown impatient with being laid or reclined in the boppy, or on the floor and has a unique, complainy-cry for 'get me out of here'.

As a result, we have to keep her in the infant rocker, or the new Bumbo (thanks to Stacy O for the hot tip on this one!).

We bought the Bumbo today and she immediately loved it. Here's some video of Annika telling us all about it! (Sorry, the lighting isn't so great). Stick to the end -- there are some good grins!

In other news, she's outgrown her baby bathtub and is graduating to the big tub tonight. I'm sure she'll enjoy that as well. Mommy and daddy and looking forward to spending time on their almost 40-year-old knees. It's not the time on the knees, actually - it's the getting up part...

Annika and I are planning a trip to Utah to visit cousins Mia and Lukas next week, and I had to go buy yet another set of warm winter clothes. We bought proper winter clothes for our Christmas trip to Seattle, and she's already outgrown them...grrr....she's growing so fast!

She had her 'two month' check up at 11 weeks old, and is doing fabulously! She's in the 95th percentile for both height and weight. This puts her solidly in the 6-9 month size for clothing. Fortunately, we live in SoCal where I can get away with buying spring and summery clothes in advance. I've already stashed an entire bin of clothes she's outgrown. I was quite emotional packing some of her first sleepers away - they looked so tiny, and it brought back many fresh memories of those crazy, sweet, hectic, joyful, sleepless first few weeks.

Annika and daddy at his desk.
Grin! - Well, kind of...

Stylin' in her hand-me-down Hilfiger (again, thanks Stacy and Sydney!)
Clean, unfolded laundry. It's not even warm as it was in the dryer all night. WHY????
George being, well, George.


Davene said...

Aren't Bumbos wonderful? I didn't know about them until our 3rd child, but a friend clued me in and I'm so glad. Annika looks great in hers! :)

Mrs. Taft said...

She slaaaays me with her cuteness!

Stacy O said...

Isn't the bumbo the best? Check out the play tray for it too-then you can put toys on it and she can play. The bumbo also works as a great portable high chair when she starts to eat oatmeal and baby food.

Love the Hilfiger shirt on her, ahh I love that shirt. Annika is adorable, love that third picture.

Anonymous said...

Instead of getting on your knees for the bathtub, we bathed all of ours in the kitchen sink. Sitting in the kitchen sink--maybe the Bumbo in the kitchen sink? I'm not sure if it's waterproof since those were after my time. She is ADORABLE, and such a good baby.

Wehunthouse said...

I'm happy to see the Go Dawgs in the one picture as it clearly shows you are raising her in a proper environment...but then I got a look at the entirely inappropriate attire that Daddy V was wearing. Doesn't California have any child protection laws?

Hope all is well. I was glad Traci had the page up when I went to close the laptop...I never remember to catch up with the world! I can't believe how fast Annika is growing up! The sunglasses/bumbo pic is my favorite.