Thursday, January 8, 2009

A day at the beach!

Today Annika and I met our friend Amber, who is visiting from Seattle, for lunch. We met up at the Ruby's Diner in Laguna Beach. Afterwards, we went to Starbucks (yes, I know you're SHOCKED!) and went for a walk on the lovely beach. So what if it was a cloudy day! It still beats all the rain/snow/flooding in Seattle! Laguna Beach is a nice little town on the coast about halfway between LA and San Diego. It has a beautiful, rugged coast and is quite the tourist trap.

This was also Annika's first trip to the beach, which is a bit embarrasing as we only live 4 miles from the water in Long Beach. I'm sure we'll get back to the beach soon.

Also -- she slept 10 hours last night!!!! I only slept 6 of those 10, as the last 4 I was waking up every 15 minutes to check and see if she was still breathing. First time mom neurosis, I guess. But there she was, happily sleeping away. She had a really busy and eventful day yesterday. We joined a group of other moms and babies at a really great park in Cerritos, and she spent about 2 hours outside in the chilly So Cal January 70 degree winter. It must have tuckered our poor girl out! She loved watching all the kids running around, and all the older toddlers were fascinated with all the 'babies'. I think this may have been what prompted her long sleep!

This is a really great mom's group, with about 2-3 activities a week ranging from coffee dates, nature walks, rollerblading, and library story times. Most of the moms are first timers, and of that 'advanced maternal age' like me, so we have lots in common.

Tomorrow we are going to the library for story time, and then out for coffee.

Here are some pictures from today:
Annika and me on the boardwalk

Cheeky girl!

Local fauna

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Helen Walworth said...

Annika is such a beautiful baby. I completely understand new mom neurosis. When my first babies were still babies (not in college) I would literally go in and wake them up because they slept so soundly it made me nervous. I wouldn't be waking them intentionally per se ... but I would keep checking for breathing and pulses until they started fussing. See, you're not as bad as you could be. You could be me. Yikes!