Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I used to be cool.

I have a new favorite shirt. It says "I used to be cool". I saw it advertised on Facebook, and it cracked me up...so I bought it in anticipation of my 40th b-day next month.

Anyway, I was wearing it today and Annika graced me with yet another 'Mommy Merit Badge'. If you look closely on my left shoulder, you'll see it!

What a generous baby!!!!

As further evidence of my 'coolness', I now have a grocery wagon. Yes, a real wagon. Here's the dealio: when we moved to SoCal, we bought a modest and cozy (aka cheap and small) condo as housing prices are off the map down here. We were fortunate enough to get a condo with 2 garages, and although they are 'attached' to the building, there is no direct access from our unit. The garages are down the walk and around the corner from our door.
The grocery wagon. Notice the pink camo diaper bag in the lower right? Love it!
On grocery days, I don't want to make multiple trips back to the car to bring in the loads as that would mean leaving Annika alone in the house, even if just for a few minutes (Remember, I'm a neurotic new mama). Hence, the wagon! All the groceries + Annika's car seat fit into one trip down the walkway. Additionally, there are 2 cup holders on the thing so it can also hold my beloved Starbucks. What a good life!

You may wonder why I just don't do my grocery shopping in the evening after Victor gets home, and there is a good explanation. He works such long hours, and frequently on weekends that I really covet and protect our time together. We do shop together at Costco, but we see that as a date for some reason. It might be the free food samples on Saturday.

Here are some vids of Annika. My niece Mia is very demanding and wants to see vids on the blog every day. I willingly comply!
Annika hacking into daddy's laptop.

Annika falling asleep:

Annika when she wakes up:


Shannon at www.iusedtobecool.com said...

That wagon will be more valuable to you than you ever thought over the years. We use ours to transport our kids, obviously but also to transport firewood, groceries, sticks in the yard. It is indestructible, you will still have it years from now. Love the spit up by the way. FYI: as soon as she stops spitting up on you she'll start rubbing her snot on you, as in, the same day. Oh yeah, love the shirt too (of course!)

Stacy O said...

I love the spit up on the shirt-that makes you even cooler! haha. Great idea about the wagon! It was so much fun seeing you guys, can't wait to see you again. :)

Wehunthouse said...

What do you mean you used to be cool? You still are! I could never have that shirt cuz I've never been cool...cold maybe (can you say -10 degrees with a high of 0, yes, I know this is the third time I told you) Annika is so sweet, you are very lucky!

Jessica Zevely said...

Ok seriously..those videos are adorable. That's what Cole used to do as he fell asleep..or actually, in his sleep! Kristin has videos of him moving his head back and forth..it was so funny! She's SO precious Kate! I'm so happy for you! I hope it's my turn next!

Davene said...

What a little sweetheart she is! And what a funny shirt...I'm not sure when I lost my coolness, but it happened a long time ago, I think. :) Oh, well, my kids don't know that yet!