Monday, December 22, 2008

Smiling Baby!


I've caught some video of Annika smiling and laughing. Victor and I are so blessed with such a good natured baby. Of course, Victor gets all the karmic credit for that as he says he was a much more respectful child towards his parents then I was...ahem. Moving along.

For the record - we don't sleep with Annika in our bed as a rule. Too scared about squishing or suffocating. But this morning we were cuddling and she fell asleep. I caught this video as she was waking up. She is like this every time she wakes up. It makes those 3 AM wake up calls so much easier to respond to when I know such a happy little baby will greet me in her crib with such enthusiasm and joy. Also, she is pretty much sleeping through the night now. Not bad, as she turns 8 weeks old tomorrow.

Next up - snow baby pictures! We are snowed-in in Seattle, and will post Annika in the snow pics later!


Mrs. Taft said...


Grace and I really enjoyed this video :D

Jessica Zevely said...

She is precious!! I can't believe she's 8 weeks old aready. What a little cutie pie.