Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All Night Long!

Naps? What naps? I don't need no stinkin' naps!

I am the happiest mom on the block this week as Annika has now successfully slept through the night TWO nights in a row!!!!!!! I personally love getting 6 hours of continuous sleep.

She is officially 7 weeks old today, and still a complete joy to be around. She is smiling all the time, and I get absolutely high when she flashes me her wide-mouth grin when I pick her up out of the crib after a nap. My mom and I have tried to capture this smile, but the little stinker will not play to the camera! Here's what we have so far:
Avoiding the camera, but still smiling!
Tail end of a grin! We'll catch her in the act soon....

Sunday she refused to take a nap. I would try to lay her down as she would start to nod off, but she would have none of it. She would snap awake and insist she was only kidding about falling asleep. Fortunately, she is such a good natured baby that she very easy to hang out with.
We set her in the boppy on the dining room table while we were playing cards.
Learning the rummy ropes from Grandma A. Our family plays progressive, or International rummy and are quite competitive. G-Ma A is probably the most aggressive player, so a good tutor for Annika...lol.A familiar scene in the family house - playing cards. Also, notice the product placement? This particular 4Bux drink is a (decaf!) Grande Espresso Truffle Mocha - a very nice milder alternative to the regular 4Bux mocha, which I feel is too rich.

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