Monday, July 14, 2008

Please don't shoot me!

Yes, I'm very behind behind on posts. I'll post updates later this week. I have a 2nd ultrasound this Thursday and hopefully will be able to post a really great baby update. Last month, the u/s tech gave us an "80%' chance it will be a girl, but we also know there's a 100% chance we will have a baby we are really excited to meet the end of October.

I just got back from 2+ weeks of vacations with family and hubby, and have lots to catch up on!

The heat down here is oppressive while I'm pregnant. I feel great, but the heat really slows me down, and I'm finding it hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Other than that, I am doing great!

OH! The baby moves and kicks like crazy, and Victor finally felt the baby kick last week.

Stay tuned for updates later this week!


Stacy O said...

It's about flippin time!!! I was about to call you and harass you, and you know I do that well. :) Glad things are going well, except for the heat. Ick.

Wehunthouse said...

I'm glad to see you blogging too. :) so completely random... if you are in the mood for BBQ there should be a place in Long Beach called Famous Dave's. ok so I looked it up to make it easy for you 300 South Pine Drive

GO THERE. totally yummy. I've found my new happy place. They also do take out.