Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cats, cats, cats

more cat pictures

Another post on cats, you ask? Well, until the baby is born, the cats do provide the bulk of entertainment and mischief around here.

In fact, preparing the cats for the baby has been a bit of a challenge too.

They used to have run of the 2nd bedroom where we kept the cat condo, but began shutting them out last month. It is slowly getting turned into the nursery. When we open the door, one cat goes running in, but another - more sneaky- comes in commando style. She moves reallllllyyy slowly, like she thinks we can't see her. She keeps to the perimeter of the room, moving stealth-like under the furniture until she edges her way under the crib where she remains completely still. It cracks me up. After a few minutes, she starts her reconnoitering by slowly crawling out from under the crib. She gets up on her hind legs and peers into the crib with all the fluffy baby blankets and you can just see her little gears turning "oooohh, that looks cozy!"

Then she gets kicked out of the room. I will not be one of those parents that lets the cats in the crib or in the baby room, for that matter.

We screened in our porch to make a 'cat room' for our critters, as they are inside cats. Sorry, I don't have my camera right now to show you how it looks. They LOVE it! They have a great view, and can be 'outside' without being outside. The condo, litter box, and food are out there, and we installed a cat door on our slider too.

Yes, they are spoiled, but we love them.

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