Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cravings and random stuff

Lately, I've been craving pizza, which I really haven't been much of a fan the last few years. I blame my friends in Chicago for taking us to Due Pizza when we were out visiting, and I felt I couldn't eat enough of it.

I'd been ordering take-out, but that starting getting pricey. So, this weekend I bought some Bobobli and tons of toppings. I just finished off a homemade 8 inch with salami, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, feta, sun-dried tomato, pine nuts, and mozzarella. Finger. Lickin. Fab. Oh, and did I mention I'm washing it down with low-sodium, caffiene free root beer??? Life is good.

Here I am tip-toeing through some rattlesnake infested flower gardens at the Reagan museum. Please note the blatant product placement where I'm drinking a grande iced caramel macchioto.

Here is a Chicago picture. My sister and good friends, the Wehunts, went on a lake tour. This silly girl had several incidents of a wardrobe malfunction. Poor Nate couldn't even bring himself to look over at that side of the boat. C'mon, it IS called the windy city!!!!! At least she was wearing some underoos - and modest ones at that. Everyone else on the boat were groups of families, and then...these yahoos. Whatever. Such a treat to view. :-( But I can't think of anyone else cooler to see and mock this with than Caroyln and especially Traci.
This is my new body pillow I use to find a somewhat comfortable position to sleep in. I am by nature a tummy sleeper, and that is obviously out of the question with the little critter growing in my belly. However, Osa thinks this new pillow is for her. Doesn't she look smug? And next, here is Victor encouraging her ego and rewarding her behavior. He spoils her so badly. I can't wait to see him as a daddy.
Next, I'll update some home inprovement projects and nursery pics!

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Sarah said...

My gosh, you eat a lot of stuff on your pizza.


I miss you, Cousin! I'm hoping I can come down and visit sometime (most likely not this summer since I have school and I'm going to Canada for a convention at the end of August) but we need to find a time when we can chill.

And thank you for the birthday wishes! I was sad I couldn't hang out with family and friends...but you can't beat a Birthday in Italy with homemade pizza made by your new friends.


- Sarah