Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friends, family, and a new camera!

Wow. Slacker am I. Can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted. In all fairness, I have been pretty busy. I'm making up for last year's homesick/pregnant/hormonal/grouchy/friendless/go no where funk by playing outside as much as possible. Annika and I now have a pretty solid core group of mommy and baby friends that we walk with almost every day. And the best part is they also like to eat afterwards. After our long walks on the beach (somedays 6+ miles), we work up quite an appetite and, well, need to eat. Our little beach town has everything we could want in a 2 block radius: bbq, thai, Hawaiian, pub fare, Mexican, Indian, sushi, - you name it! It's a foody's dream come true. Except this time of year its beginning to get a bit crowded - may have to find another venue to walk.

Annika and I took a brief trip up to Seattle to see the fam and see the sobrinos over Spring break. It was cold - snowed twice even! But we survived. We had a lovely time. I bought a new camera - a Canon Rebel. Still learning how to use it - such a novice! But, I have a beautiful little girl to practice on and only gets annoyed after 30 shots or Here are some pics from the last few weeks in no particular order.
Grandma A and Annika laughing at an inside joke.
Playing with the new camera. Love the look on her face!
She melts my heart!
Love the new camera even more for making me look skinnier than I really am....ha ha ha.
Out for Pho with Anna and her sweetie girl, Emma as well as Adam and little Gabe.
Emma and Annika
Adam and Gabe
Ooo! Grandma has stripes, too!
Maddie, a bottle-feeding pro!
On UW campus. Daddy had a cow when I told him where we were....Go Dawgs!!!!
Losing the light, but caught this pretty blossom. Not sure if its a dogwood or magnolia?
Out for Indian food with Uncle Doug and the fabulous Amber. I love how he's looking at her. Such a cute couple.
Learning all the tricks of the trade for the family rummy game.
"Annika, don't throw a rummy card!" She is really concentrating!
Sweet girl!!!
Scout and A-Rob playing at the park at the mall.
Mommy! STOP!


Stacy O said...

Ahh, so cute! Love the profile pictures. Great camera too!!

Davene said...

Annika is growing and changing so much! That last pic with your caption is hilarious. :)

Enjoy your new camera!

Mrs. Taft said...

She's so adorable :D

Misty said...

Princess would love to have you get that camera taking short videos. She asked for more talking ones :) I can't believe how much she's changed. Beautiful girl!